Making Positive Friendships.

We have been looking at how some of our choices, such as our friends, can impact our emotions and our feelings of happiness.  As part of this we have been exploring the concept of being an "Upstander" not a "Bystander" when we see someone, especially our friends, being treated unkindly. 

We did an experiment with two identical apples. We imagined that they were one of us. One we cared for and looked after, while the other we treated unkindly. At the end both of the apples looked the same on the outside, yet when we cut them open, the one that was treated unkindly was damaged.

We compared this to ourselves and identified that;
"Even though we may look strong on the outside, negative words hurt us."
"Sometimes we can't see the damage that words do on the inside."
"Good friends don't hurt others with words."
"We can choose not to be a bystander and watch as these things happen to others."

Being an upstander means doing something when we see others getting treated unkindly.
This could be;
- not joining in with negative comments or passing them on
- removing our friend from the situation
- telling the other person to stop
- getting help or encouraging them to get help
- talking to an adult


  1. We enjoyed looking at your blog post. We think that it is so important to be a good friend and we try really hard in TKK to be a good friend to each other.


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