Year 8 Rolleston College Visit

Today our Year 8’s, Luke, Rachel and Kate had a visit to Rolleston College, the local high school. When we arrived Mr Shaw, one of the senior leaders, greeted us at the reception for a tour. We were interested in seeing the school's facilities for performing arts, so Mr Shaw agreed to show us them first. We went upstairs and made our way to the performing arts studios. The first room we went to was the music room which had 3 keyboards and a acoustic drum kit. Then we went to the sound proofed music rooms. These rooms are for lessons, one room has a grand piano, another one has an electric keyboard and a guitar and the last one has another keyboard and an electric drum kit. After that we went to the drama room which had a very high roof and a massive window opening up into Foster Park. In the drama room students were rehearsing drama acts and doing some singing.

We then walked through some of the classes. In the robotics class, taught by Mrs Ford. The students were 3D printing their own add ons for some Sphero robots. Luke and Kate got to have a go at driving the robots through the class. While we walked Mr Shaw showed us the different ways that the classes can be used. Either as open planned classes with breakout spaces and big spaces or the teachers can go into a more traditional looking class to teach their students.

After this we went downstairs to the hard tech room where they had multiple vices, a laser cutter and an automotive room. In this room people can bring in their cars for students to research how they work and how to build them. After we looked at that Mr Hobbs, the hard tech teacher, showed us the laser cutter where he cut out a small “souvenir” for us out of plastic.     

On the other side of the school is the food tech class. Inside is a fully functioning kitchen with about ten benches for the students. Next to the kitchen area there are a few tables were the students can do their written work. When we visited they had just finished baking some delicious smelling pizza.

We had a great time looking around Rolleston College and are looking forward to our next visit.

By Kate, Luke and Rachel